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Written by Jesulayomi Adetola

June 30, 2021

Less than a year ago, we started writing THE WORKCHOP CONVERSATIONS. A virtual chat that uncovers the typical day of individuals in the Law, Tech & Innovation space in Africa. The aim was to understand how they work, what they do, tools or apps they use to achieve productivity and a general outlook at their everyday life.

Fun fact; TWCC was coined from the popular saying: na where man dey work, na there he dey chop.

7 months and 10 interviews later, we are proud to say that we indeed have learnt how these people work and chop and so we thought to bring to you the 10 workchop conversations we have had so far:

1. Elizabeth Babatunde, Product Manager at LawPavilion

The conversation with Elizabeth was our first feature. Elizabeth has a love for seeing ideas take on a life of their own and that’s one of the reasons she took up the product manager path even though she is a Lawyer. As a Product Manager at LawPavilion, she manages the LawPavilion Prime product portfolio. Prime is Nigeria’s first tech-enabled legal research and legal analytics tool. In this edition of TWCC, she shares with us more about the products she manages and the tech tools she relies on to stay productive. Read it here.

2. Selina Onyando, Tech Policy Fellow at The Lawyers Hub Kenya.

Selina Onyando is a tech policy fellow at The Lawyers Hub, Kenya where she works in promoting creative policy solutions for inclusive and sustainable digital economies. Here, she shares with us what her job as a Tech Policy Fellow entails and the the apps and gadgets she uses for work. Check out our conversation.

3. Damilola Ajiboye, Product Manager at DIYLaw

Damilola, is an avid learner and a technology enthusiast who has tried out different things like Digital Marketing, Web design & development, and fashion blogging. Now, he currently works at DIYLaw as a product manager. Damilola shared with us what his everyday work life is like, more about the products he manages, tools he relies on for productivity and a lot more. You can read it here.

4. Jesutooni Ajiboye, Lawyer and Freelance Writer

As Jesutooni found out that working in the tech space offers you the opportunity to criss-cross industries and even job roles, he decided to take up unconventional roles in the space that afforded him to opportunity to work and have fun while at it. Asides being a Lawyer and freelance writer, Jesutooni also serves in a product marketing role with a Fintech startup, SwipeNG. He shares with us what his typical day is like at SwipeNg and a list of podcasts that he enjoys listening to.

 5. Bright Oleka, head of product at Judy

Bright Oleka alongside his cofounder started Judy with the aim to make legal research faster and efficient for lawyers. Bright currently works as the Head of Product overseeing products like JUDY Plus and JUDY Lite. Bright share with us how Judy ensures faster legal research as well as some of the problems he aimed to solve while starting Judy. You can read it here.

6. Keyukemi Ubi, Cofounder and Head of Operations at DigiLaw

With her dream to have a long-term effect on the future of Technology law in Nigeria and the world, Keyukemi shares with us her favorite hack for staying productive, apps/gadgets she relies on to work. She also shares how a typical work life is like at DigiLaw.

7. Themba Mahleka, co-head at HiiL Innovation Hub Southern Africa.

Themba believes the robots are not coming to take our jobs, instead, legal practice and the delivery of legal services are evolving and in doing so, becoming more accessible. He shares with us the one idea that shaped his perception about justice tech, how he allocates time for work and how he enjoys taking walks with his wife and son. Read more on our chat here.

8. Sunday Fadipe, a Lawyer, Writer & Public speaker

Sunday Fadipe believes he was not born for the stress of Litigation. He writes on diverse subjects and enjoys getting involved in high-level transactions and conversations. In this edition, Sunday shares a typical work day, an app he is surprised hasn’t been built yet, his favorite hack for staying productive and a lot more.

9. Neema Nagimba, Cofounder of Sheria Kiganjani

For Neema’s startup, Sheria Kiganani, it has been able to provide easily accessible and affordable legal services  to over 30,000 Tanzanians, enabling them to solve their cases or prevent legal  mishaps from happening. Neema shares what her work entails at Sheria Kiganjani, best piece of advice she has ever received and how she keeps track of what she has to do. Read it here.

10. Soriah Kaingu, Director at Apptorney

Soriah shared how Apptorney started as a curiosity on the part of her brother, Muchu Kaingu to know what could be done to assist her with her legal research. In doing this, they partnered with two other friends to make Apptorney a reality. Soriah shares with us a typical work day at work, how she loves Zoca (a fusion of Zambian and soca dance), one problem she would like to solve in the legaltech space. Here’s what her everyday work is like.

What do you think? We would love to hear from you. Who would you like us to feature in our next edition? You can please email your feedback to

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