The Workchop Conversations with Elizabeth Babatunde

Written by Techlawyered

December 11, 2020

The Workchop Conversations is an ongoing series of conversations with different players in both the legaltech & justicetech space, sharing about their work and innovative role within the space, promoting access to justice in Africa.

Our first conversation is with Elizabeth Babatunde,  a lawyer, business developer and product manager with LawPavilion Business Solutions.

Tell us about yourself and what you do at LawPavillion.

I am Elizabeth Babatunde, a lawyer, business developer and product manager. I am passionate about building people, products and businesses. I am essentially a creative person. At LawPavilion, I work as a Product Manager. I currently manage the LawPavilion Prime product portfolio: leading in the development of all the technological versions – Prime Desktop Distribution (Windows and MAC OS) and Mobile application (Android and iOS). My work in LawPavilion is an interesting roller coaster that allows me to work with cross-functional and global teams. It also involves continuous research, user engagement and contributing to the brand positioning of the products developed by the company. 

What is your everyday life like at work?

Work in LawPavilion is exciting and impacting, as everything is constantly morphing into something bigger and better. This simply means that what you know today isn’t enough for tomorrow. My typical workday starts with meetings and ends with a mind full of ideas that need re-working.

What led you down the Product manager path and would you change anything?

I think it is my love for seeing ideas take on a life of their own. I wouldn’t change anything, yet.

Tell us a bit about the products you manage.

The products I manage form a portfolio of the company’s most popular and most-used product – LawPavilion Prime. Prime is Nigeria’s first tech-enabled legal research and legal analytics tool. It is serviced by one of the largest legal databases in Nigeria, and so, it provides its users with access to e-Law Reports (the popularly cited LPELR – developed by LawPavilion over a decade ago), LFN, State Laws, Textbooks and Journals, Rules and Regulations – federal and state – just to mention a few. The product is designed to service users across a spectrum of technologies. Prime is developed using the Agile SCRUM methodology and is constantly being upgraded to meet user needs and global standards. 

The future of the product is a full scale global legal research and analytics solution for everyone seeking information about the law or seeking or servicing access to justice. 

To aid your productivity, what tech tools have you been relying on to work, and how do you use them?

 My go-to tools for working from home is the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) – it provides all the collaborative tools I need. GitLab for managing my engineering teams. Zoom Meetings for stakeholder meetings. Slack functions as my virtual workspace. Zoho Mail. Miro, Figma and XD for prototypes and visual mockups. My laptop and smart phone. Lastly, I always have my pen and notebook as the most reliable backup and “think-pad”. 

 Wondering what you are currently reading, watching or listening to?

Currently watching Gotham 

Who would you like us to ask these questions?

Ogunsua Gabriel, Senior UI/UX Developer at LawPavilion Business Solutions.

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