Techlawyered Monthly #1: Once upon a unicorn – Flutterwave, YungaTech, HiiL West Africa, and Ross Intelligence

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April 2, 2021


This has been a long time coming. Well, I am here now, and every month, I will be sharing exclusively with you insights into legal technology in Africa, as well as analysis on happenings in the space. 


In today’s newsletter, we will be looking at some interesting stuff :

  1. 5 lessons learned from our Book of the Month
  2. A legaltech startup that caught my attention this month
  3. Somethings that I found interestingthis month
  4. 1 legal tech idea that I think should be worked on
  5. A cool tech app that I stumbled upon.

Top Lessons learned from the book of the Month

  1. Intellectual property rights impose costs upon the public. While these intellectual property laws can be justified as they encourage the creation and dissemination of new works to offset these costs.
  2. One reason why intellectual property rights are limited in scope, in duration, and in effect is so that the costs and benefits are balanced.
  3. Copyright protection is principally limited by term duration, fair use, the first sale doctrine, and some others. In contrast, “access protection” entails technological procedures that shield a copyrighted work from the attempt to copy.
  4. Fair use is a complex subjective matter that requires consideration of four factors: purpose and character of the use, the nature of the copyrighted work, the amount and substantiality of the taking, and the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of a copyrighted work.
  5. To resolve disputes involving trespass or nuisance, the court can award an injunction or free use based on a reading of statutory or common law, or some attempt to establish all costs and benefits associated with each outcome.


Startup Spotlight

I came across this startup and found their product fascinating. Let me introduce you to YungaTech from Uganda.Yungatech provides low-cost security tools to local communities. It’s a digital network for connected neighborhoods that provides local rescue and microinsurance. The goal of the startup is to enhance community security in sub-Saharan Africa by investing in the manufacturing of fast, user-friendly crime prevention security tools that are backed by microinsurance.

Yungatech was built by Anatoli Kirigwajo, Kawesa Nasser and Kasoma Frederick in November 2018 for just one Ugandan community and has since grown to protect over 1,500 citizens in Kampala. The products under the startup are Yunga Plus, Yunga Basic, Yunga Doorbell and some others.

Yunga Plus: includes all Yunga Basic features but also allows for automatic detection of intrusion in homes on community devices, phone calls and mobile application notifications even when owners are not home. The Yunga Basic: calls for instant help by pressing the Yunga device or a tap of a button from a phone application. The Yunga Doorbell: visitors are able to use their phones to ring doorbells.
I look forward to discovering other kinds of startups involved in Community Justice like this.


Things I found interesting this Month

  1. Andrew, former founder of the now non-existent Ross intelligence makes a transition from Law to co-founding a Medicine startup
  2. The Call for Applications for the Innovating Justice Challenge is now open
  3. The Legal Technologist publishes another issue of its bi-monthly magazine
  4. Seeking justice is not only expensive for the poor, who would have thought?
  5. The Emerging Online Valley Summit is happening on April 7th and 8th.
  6. At Techlawyered, we had an IG Live Q & A with Chukwuemeka Monyei of Ligal Aid and Damilola Yakubu of Legalboxng
  7. African fintech company announced that it raised $170 million in Series C funding, valuing the company at over $1bililion. (unicorn status activated)


Productivity Hack-App

If you are like me and you sometimes get frustrated with trying to filter through your inbox and differentiate between newsletters, important emails and the likes, well, welcome to Spark.

Spark is an intelligent email client that shows you what’s important in your inbox. It bubbles emails from real people to the top and allows you to take batch actions on your newsletters and notifications. It was created for people who live by their inbox and who want to have an amazing experience with email. 


At this point, let me be one of the first persons to wish you a Happy New Month of April.

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