One of the biggest challenges of lawyers/solo law firms have been how to handle everything(billing, case management, human resources, marketing, etc) and not break a sweat, but phew!!! It hasn’t been easy. However NextCounsel Limited has come to the rescue; to make all that management easy.

NextCounsel is the world most comprehensive practice management solution for lawyers/law-firms Designed to help law firms manage and track cases from the first contact through to the last payment effectively without hassle. Its solution reduces overhead & operation cost and above all increase revenue by providing a solution with CRM, case management, automated time and billing, document management system, human resources and accounting.

NextCounsel which started operation in November 2017 was born out of a need to create an indigenous practice management solution that caters to the needs of law firms in Nigeria and Africa, as the firms that were using practice management solutions before then made use of foreign solutions that could not cater for our indigenous services. It currently has firms like Banwo & Ighodalo, Templars, Aluko & Oyebode, in Nigeria using their solution.

The startup has a subscription-based revenue model, with clients paying on a monthly usage basis. As at October 2018, It had so far made over US$85,000 in sales revenue.

NEXTCOUNSEL plans to expand to West, East and South Africa, and the rest of the world and Techlawyered looks forward to sharing their growth story with you.

Despite the disappointments in the postponement of the elections, please try to have a great SATURDAY!!!!.

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