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August 20, 2019

QUESTION 1: How would you define Intellectual Property Law? What ignited your interest in Intellectual Property? Tell us more you do at the IP/IT CLUB at the University of Ibadan.

ANSWER: We have various definitions of intellectual property. To me, Intellectual property is the creation of the mind which deserves to be protected and commercialized when produced in a tangible form. I’ve always had passion for creativity. When I am not on the desk studying the law, I am either playing the guitar, designing a website or doing something creative. My passion for intellectual property is as a result of my active participation in the creative process. This makes me value intellectual property and the need for it to be protected from infringement.

I serve as the President of the University of Ibadan IP & IT Law Club. The above named club came into existence in May 2018 with laudable aims that include:

1) Creating awareness of Intellectual Property rights among Law students and other students in the University community and the society at large

 2)Assisting members with and without technical backgrounds in finding a specialization within one of the many growing areas under intellectual property such as Fashion,  Entertainment practice , Media, Technology and many others

QUESTION 2: How do you think budding lawyers should begin to prepare for the legal practice of the future.

ANSWER: Budding lawyers should be able to prepare themselves to be a T shaped lawyer. They should update their skill set with great emphasis on innovation and the use of technology.

QUESTION 3: Do you think there should be a change to the curriculum of the faculties of law in our institutions? What would be your recommendations?

ANSWER: I must admit that changing the curriculum is not something that can be done in a day but it’s a gradual process. Faculties of law are allowed to update their curriculum every 5 years however, certain requirements must be met before new courses can be included such as the availability of lecturers to teach these courses. I recommend that faculties of law equip themselves with the requirements before a change in the curriculum.

QUESTION 4: As a law student, what are your favorite go-to resource platforms that aid your learning and that you would recommend to other students?

ANSWER: My go-to resource platforms include: Coursera, Udemy, Law Teacher, WIPO Academy, Mondaq.

QUESTION 5: Back to intellectual property, what do you think about AI authorship of creative works? Do you think it’s possible, Artificial Intelligence gets to be given copyright ownership over their works?

ANSWER: Artificial intelligence is not a legal entity that can sue or can be sued. I am of the opinion that Artificial Intelligence should not be vested with ownership so as to give room for the work to be exploited through assignment and licensing. In a situation where the ownership is given to a legal entity such work can be properly utilized.

QUESTION 6: Would there be any other comments or advice you would want to give to budding lawyers?

ANSWER: The biggest secret to having a great legal career is Preparation and focus.

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