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April 24, 2019

Oluwashina Adeboboye is a Nigerian lawyer with core practice focused in Corporate, commercial, Intellectual Property, and Tech law. He is the managing partner of Oluwashina Adeboboye Legal Practice. A firm with its core practice areas in; Corporate and Commercial practice, Intellectual Property, Technology Law, Tax Advisory, Company Secretarial and Compliance, and Alternate Dispute Resolution. The firm is expanding into a partnership soon and will be Ingenium Legal Practice. He is also a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Lantern Innovate Team Ltd, the parent company of the brand an online legal solutions platform for businesses and individuals.

QUESTION 1: From your profile, we know you are the COO of Legitng. How did the idea of Legitng come about and how has the journey been so far, from the point of ideation to launching and scaling?

ANSWER: The Idea was borne out of a need to provide a quick access to legal tools and directions for businesses and individuals. From my interaction with businesses it was obvious that there was a vacuum in the fusion of law and I.T in Nigeria. Thus, my Co-founder (Enyioma Madubuike) and I thought it best to create the platform to address this.

QUESTION 2: Relating to your target market, what has been your greatest challenges and how did you and your team try solving them?

ANSWER: We have faced some challenges, but I will highlight two major ones:
I) Reducing nonchalance of business owners on the importance of law in their business
ii) Trust.

We addressed the first by creating simple and easy to read content to educate business owners on some of the legal requirements of doing business, and the implications of not conforming with them.

On the second challenge we started by providing services such as company registration, demanding only part payment, and full payment was made when registration was done. Over time however, we were able to assure clients relying on our antecedents.

QUESTION 3: In your opinion, how will the law look like with the introduction of tech? What are the risks of that introduction on the existing legal structures in law firms and the court?

ANSWER: I believe lawyers should embrace tech in law as it is a tool that can be used to improve the delivery and efficiency of lawyers, courts, and law firms and the advantages of this are numerous. The only risk will be for those who do not align and take advantage of this new I.T revolution. Tech can be used to improve the legal space to be better, I do not see it as a threat to lawyers.

QUESTION 4: What do you think is the fate of the Nigerian Lawyer and law student considering the current educational structure and the lack of legal tech education in the country?

ANSWER: I am an optimist, so I think even with the present state there’s still hope. I personally think there should be a readjustment to the syllabus of law students. While the traditional and fundamental topics are important for the foundation of law, there’s a need to introduce law students to current realities and novel aspects of global practice. It is not good that in this global age we are still playing “catchup” in Nigeria.

QUESTION 5: Finally, what’s your advice to entrepreneurs that are thinking of creating solutions that aim to digitalise the practice of law? 

ANSWER: I do not consider myself an authority in this field yet, but I can say from my own little experience that, there’s a need for the proper understanding of the problem to create a solution. There has to be a need that is being addressed. Also, entrepreneurs should focus on a team comprising of those vast in law and practice, and a dedicated development team.

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