African Startups Admitted into the HiiL Justice Accelerator 2020/21

African Startups Admitted into the HiiL Justice Accelerator 2020/21

The HiiL Justice Accelerator scouts for and supports the best justice innovations in a region or country. The organization has supported over 110 startups worldwide since 2011. The support includes training, mentorship and a £10,000 non-equity grant, as well as opportunities for networking. This year, hundreds of startups applied during the accelerator’s call for applications and a number of them were admitted in the 2020/21 cohort of the accelerator program.

About the Startups…

From East Africa, meet…

  1. Exxus built Save; A digital platform that financially empowers Savings Groups sustainably through a comprehensive, adequate, open and user-friendly Saving Groups ledger handling.
  2. Kakuma Ventures creates a platform that enables Africa refugees to become entrepreneurs by building sustainable businesses that provide healthy food, clean water. Logistics services, healthcare, education, shelter, clothing and technology services. 
  3. Peleza specialises in background checks. They use official data sources (local and international) to screen candidates while complying with any privacy legislation in force.
  4. Utatuzi Centre connects forward-thinking companies with Alternative Dispute Resolution strategies to resolve any and all legal disputes occurring within the company. 

From South Africa, we have…

  1. Lenoma Legal specializes in commercial and labour matters for small and medium businesses. Making legal services affordable and accessible.
  2. Pop.Law makes ‘law for everyone’ by putting people first, followed closely with friendly and affordable legal help from exceptional lawyers. 
  3. Luma Law is an artificial intelligence chatbot that uses  machine learning and natural language processing in order to learn and communicate with its users breaking down barriers that limit their access to information about the protections of the law.

From West Africa, meet…

  1. Curacel is a claims automation and fraud detection platform for health insurance.  
  2. donate-ng is a platform that hosts verified crowdfunding campaigns for social causes.  
  3. Mamamoni is a peer to peer lending platform for women entrepreneurs in rural and urban slums. 
  4. Stand to End Rape Initiative advocates against sexual violence and supports survivors of sexual violence with pro bono legal and psychosocial services
  5. Transgov collects, analyzes, archives, and disseminates user-friendly data on the state of development projects and service delivery in Ghana.
  6. iVerify provides identity verification services for individuals and corporates. 
Congratulations to all the startups admitted into the accelerator.

The startups will participate in the 4-month Hill Justice Accelerator Academy which started on November 4 and will receive £10,000 in non-equity funding. They also get to pitch at the Innovating Justice Forum happening from 8 to 10 of February 2021.

Is your organization developing sustainable, scalable solutions to pressing justice needs? Are you creating access to justice, reducing inequality and unfairness? Then be on the lookout for the next Call for Applications of the Innovating Justice Challenge of the HiiL Justice Accelerator.


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Oluwashina Adeboboye is a Nigerian lawyer with core practice focused in Corporate, commercial, Intellectual Property, and Tech law. He is the managing partner of Oluwashina Adeboboye Legal Practice. A firm with its core practice areas in; Corporate and Commercial practice, Intellectual Property, Technology Law, Tax Advisory, Company Secretarial and Compliance, and Alternate Dispute Resolution. The firm is expanding into a partnership soon and will be Ingenium Legal Practice. He is also a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Lantern Innovate Team Ltd, the parent company of the brand an online legal solutions platform for businesses and individuals.