6 Nigerian Startups Emerge as Finalists at the Innovating Justice Challenge for the Innovation Hub, West Africa

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July 16, 2021

“You don’t raise money to start, you raise money to grow”. “Do not sacrifice profit for growth”. “I understand failure but I just don’t want to be fluent in it”.

Those were some of the words from Fola Olatunji-David and Funkola Odeleye, the speakers at the just concluded pitch event of the Innovation Hub, West Africa that also doubled as the fourth edition of its quarterly event : Round Pegs in Square Holes – The Justice Startups Edition. The event had the speakers share their stories in a Pechakucha style for the first session of the event called : Their Stories, Their Journey.

The second half of the event, termed : Their Pitches, Their Dreams, had 6 justice startups pitch their innovative solutions to the audience. The startups had earlier gone through the accelerator’s selection process that included its call for applications, interviews and a 5-day bootcamp before being admitted into the accelerator.

The criteria for selection of the startups were :

  • Innovative justice initiatives that were making significant social impact
  • Ventures with a business model that enabled them to become financially sustainable
  • Ventures with a good business model and the ambition to scale locally and globally.
  • Ventures led by a motivated and strong team that included experienced and inspiring founder(s).

Meet The Justice Startups

Avocat, co-founded by William Chidube is a mobile app that helps Nigerians get quick legal aid in emergencies. How do you legally protect yourself during a violation whether its unlawful arrest, wrongful ejection or domestic violence, except by getting a lawyer on the scene as quick as possible and this is where Avocat comes in. The app is currently operational in Plateau State and plans to expand to other states

House Africa. After losing 18,000 dollars to land fraud, Ikokpu Ndifreke and his cofounder, Uba Nnamdi, went ahead to build a platform that uses blockchain to solve the problem of verification for land title ownership in Africa. The startup helps financial institutions and individuals validate properties before investment or purchase thereby mitigating fraud and reducing risk.

Legalbox , co-founded by Damilola Yakubu is focused on providing simple legal solutions and collections for everyday transactions and business. Through Legalbox, digital natives are able to create contract, create invoices and collect payments on their contracts anywhere and anytime. Fun fact, we had an IG Live with Damilola earlier this year where he shared with us the interesting things that he and his team were doing at Legalbox.

Rendra Foundation was built with the aim of providing inclusive finance for low income and forcibly displaced women, giving them access to affordable, financial services, micro-credits and financial literacy education. Currently, Rendra Foundation has impacted 575 women, reached 5 communities, had 153 women-owned businesses access micro-credits and disbursed N3.3m in its Micro-credit scheme.

Think Help Restore (THR) Media uses new media and technology solutions to help survivors of gender based violence break free, find shelter and recover. Through its app, survivors get access to an ecosystem of psychosocial support, health. security, legal aid, economic empowerment with the services provided anonymously. Through their platform, 2500 women have accessed advocacy content.

Unsub Africa is a digital platform that connects victims of sexual and gender based violence to stakeholders working in the space. It also provides a system for activity and incidence tracking while housing a resource center. Some of its features are Incidence reporting and alert systems, Incidence management dashboard, Victim management & communication tool, Resource center for relevant documents & contents.

The winning startups will be announced at a later date. The startups will be admitted into the 4-month HiiL Justice Accelerator Programme as well as receive €10,000 in non-equity funding, among other benefits.

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